The Color Green

I suppose that after running 20 + miles this weekend, it’s only fair to allow myself a few splurge meals (including french fries + tortilla chips!). While justified, it’s certainly not how I like to roll and felt obliged to immediately prep lots of green food for the upcoming work week. Yes, I had yesterday off, don’t be mad! 🙂

Important statement headed your way: I LOVE broccoli. Give it to me any time, anywhere, in any fashion or form and I’ll take it. Growing up, it was always my favorite veggie to consume. What makes this all such a disappointment is the way I ate it growing up: steamed and then dipped in MAYONNAISE! Such an embarrassment… But I’m telling you, that stuff was g-double-o-d!20130121_192211
I don’t eat mayonnaise anymore (does anyone still?) so I opt to bake my broccoli lately. When I said I was all about some greens, I wasn’t kidding!20130121_192219

I compiled my two favorite veggies onto one pan and tossed them with olive oil, sea salt and pepper.20130121_192306

I baked those at 375 degrees for roughly 18 minutes (15, checked on them and added three more for extra cooked veggies!). When they were finished, I let them cool before I packaged them up in several of our million tupperware containers. I mean, look at how my lunch is packed up today:20130122_090542

It’s almost neurotic how many food storage units we have. There’s an entire cupboard dedicated to these guys! That’s a romaine lettuce salad topped with red pepper flakes (I’m addicted to spiciness!) and roasted baby bella mushrooms. I used my homemade dressing (oil + vinegar + garlic + salt + pepper) as the final topping. PicMonkey Collage2

I went to my third cross fit class yesterday with my handsome man. 🙂IMG_20130121_211420

I’m embarking on a paleo challenge tomorrow which entails clean eating + cross fit at least three times per week. It lasts for six weeks. I may post before and after pictures depending on how confident I feel. The WOD (workout of the day) looks simple but had me soaking wet with sweat upon completion.

A. Deadlift 3-3-3-3.  Work as heavy as form will allow

B.Every minute on the minute for twelve minutes, perform:

4 Power Cleans (135/95) and 20 lateral bar hops

I’ll be the first to admit my form SUCKS but I’ll get there. The instructor was so patient with my inability to keep up with the rest of the crew. We’ll see how much progress I make over the next six weeks.

In other ridiculousness, I couldn’t pass up these beauties when I saw them at Trader Joe’s!

They taste better than they look. Good impulsive purchase, I must say. Isn’t this blog just getting more and more interesting by the post? I think so. We’re really getting into the good stuff now! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Color Green

  1. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was equal parts gross/pathetic/hilarious/sad.
    Mama was turning as white as that maranaise! HAHA.. mayonnaise.. Bleh!

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