How on EARTH did we get here?

No, this is not an answer to the age old question – “Why are we here?”

So sorry.

This is the story of something much better – something to tide you over until we can post much more fascinating things, like what we’re eating and how much we work out.

This is the story of how we moved in together (AKA quite possibly the most awful decision EVER, especially when, well, see below!).


As best friends, we thought it would be wise to venture out into the fancy world of city living and secure ourselves a fabulous home. Because we are so smart, we started looking more than two months before we needed a place. Whoops. We were just really excited about the idea of living together. If you saw the above picture (Which you did. Duh. It’s right there, you know, above.) then you can understand why. After finding the most expensive apartment we could afford, we spent the next two months threatening each other with these vicious words: “I’m not signing the lease with you anymore!!” It’s because we are so sweet to each other at all times…and because that s**t is expensive.


It’s obvious: we are our only friends.

Fancy Schmancy

But that just means we get to take only each other on hot, “black tie” dates. (Um, we had tacos that night.)

So, back to the lease signing shenanigans. WE DID IT!


Congratulations to US! Then we were left with days and days of this kind of fun:


That’s actually how we’ve decided to keep our apartment. Progressive, right?

And last but not least – we now get to partake in the kind of fun you have carpooling to work in wonderful ATLANTA traffic:


If you’re still reading, (A) you probably know us, and (B) you’re digging really deep within yourself to uncover any inkling of positive emotions you may still have for us. Good luck with that – WE’RE not even sure how to feel about these levels of ridiculousness.

Our advice: embrace it!

We will now get in to a lengthy discussion about the most psychologically philosophical question in the universe: why are we here?…?…?

Why are we here

Ok, so that was lengthy enough, right? Really, we were hoping you were going to chime in and lead that, but you didn’t. Therefore, this is now the part of our program in which we admit that we aren’t smart enough to even entertain something so deep.

If you’re truly curious and think our making fun of it isn’t actually funny, you can check out any of these articles on Psychology Today.

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